Shout-Outs From Kalen’s Clients…

Our adventure with Kalen Mehlman began in 2014. We had just moved into a larger home which seemed overwhelming to decorate. Kalen walked in with poise, a smile on her face and a notepad ready to make me feel less overwhelmed and more excited about the project.   We talked a lot about the style and color palette my husband and I were looking for and how it could fit into the charm of the home while staying within our budget. Kalen showed me varying patterns she felt would complement our style and always brought in a little something “different” just to show variation in texture and pattern. It was often this choice we ended up loving and would never have chosen ourselves.  Kalen captured the true essence of our family home in everything from the rugs and lighting to the duvets and window coverings.

Kalen is not only an amazing designer, but was a true genius in determining the overall look and feel of our space. Her extensive sourcing of products with various retailers and the balance of costs always prove to produce an amazing final outcome.

Kalen has worked with us on several additional projects, including our 7000 sqft office space. From carpet and paint to flooring and counter tops, the space is everything we were looking for in function and creativity.

Kalen is a true artist!The Zurawski Family

3 years ago my husband and I bought a mid century modern home. Since I had absolutely no idea where to begin in decorating that type home I researched local designers.  Luckily for me Kalens name came up many times.  My home is finished now but I am almost disappointed because I enjoyed working with Kalen so much.  She is creative, smart, artistic, budget conscious, friendly and simply a joy to be around.  Kalen always listens intently to my thoughts and ideas and blends those with her own.

She is very aware of the current home trends but balances that with timeless taste and a  knowledge of what improvements will bring added value to your home. I highly recommend Kalen to anyone who wants an absolutely beautiful, functional and welcoming home.
Patti C.
I have used Kalen’s Place countless times over the years and in multiple homes for my design needs. From children’s rooms (multiple times) to my formal dining room to such simple things as a paint consult, she has always given me nothing but her best and always takes the time to find exactly what I will fall in love with. I will continue to use her for all my design needs. I trust her completely.Allyson S.
Have you ever wished you had a best friend with excellent taste? That’s pretty much what it’s like when Kalen is your designer. Whenever people walk in our home, they also say, “Wow, I love it here.” And I’m always tempted to say, “I can’t take credit, my friend helped.” I guess this is sort of true, as Kalen has become a friend and part of our family. For example, when we went couch shopping, our kids came along to jump on and test every single one. Our home isn’t anything fancy, but it’s such a pleasing place to be, a space that reflects who we are as a family. I know Kalen is comfortable with luxurious assignments, but she can also really respect a budget. In fact, at one point, she did a small bathroom with just pieces from Target that were probably all under $100 — but it completely changed the room. She is a true artist, someone who has an excellent eye for color and pattern, but who can also pick up on a “vibe” or “feeling” that you want to capture. She never runs out of ideas, and it’s an adventure getting to be part of any artistic process with her, whether it’s recovering pillows with dragon fabric, finding just the right desk for a second grader or choosing just the right neutral paint for the walls. She’s always available and makes you feel comfortable. I’m so glad we met, and it’s a joy living in our space day in and day out!Teresa S.
I had an unusual project, and Kalen was able to step into it at three critical points and make excellent recommendations and contributions to achieve the look I wanted.

The M2 mobile studio is a 200 sq. ft. group meditation space in a customized RV. The design objective of the space was to be comfortable, calming, welcoming and spacious. The RV presents different material constraints and you have to think about items that can withstand the jostling of everyday driving.

Kalen stepped in first to help determine the color scheme, which included walls, textured ceiling, flooring and three different kinds of seating. In 90 minutes she was able to review and narrow the options I presented and help me choose materials that supported my design objectives.

After the RV buildout was complete, Kalen stepped in yet again to brainstorm the accessories the studio needed. In another 90 minute session we were able to plan for mirrors, planters and an accessory tray.

I did the shopping, and then Kalen came back one final time for installation and to arrange the fantastic succulent planters.

I couldn’t have done this without Kalen! She has fantastic taste, great sense, she’s open to ideas yet also decisive, and is pure joy to work with.Susan W.