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“My creative life began at a very young age…there hasn’t been a moment in my life when I wasn’t creating something. Those ‘somethings’ have obviously changed and morphed over the years, but art and creating have been ever-present threads weaving their way throughout all aspects of what I do.”

Kalen’s Place…Specializing in the “Art” of living creatively

Featured in the Spring 2014 issue of Studios Magazine (

I believe there is a creative “thread” that uniquely weaves itself throughout each one of us…it is for us to tap into that particular aspect of creativity and find a means of expression. My mission at Kalen’s Place is to facilitate various modes of artistic expression in an inviting, encouraging, and friendly atmosphere that will enable people of all ages to find their “creative self.”

I couldn’t have done this without Kalen! She has fantastic taste, great sense, she’s open to ideas yet also decisive, and is pure joy to work with.Susan W.


From a very young age, I was a steadfast treasure “hunter and gatherer”. Be it pretty rocks and shells found along the lakeside, to softly colored pieces of worn glass, bits of colorful fabric for doll clothes, scarves turned into costumes for plays… most of my “findings” were strongly considered and collected accordingly. Later, it became unique beads for jewelry-making, vintage pieces that were updated and re-purposed, old dress patterns used in paintings, 50s table cloths made into pillows, re-upholstered chairs for a dining table. The desire to create is in my soul. It is who I am.

Kalen’s Place specializes in “creative living”. The art of incorporating the pieces my clients love, then uniquely and strategically pairing them with fresh and updated furnishings, fabrics, and accents. Resulting in a most charming space that perfectly defines my clients’ lifestyle.

With a life-long exposure to the arts and a Master’s Degree in Elementary Education, it would only seem natural that, in addition to my interior design services,a variety of inspiring children’s art classes, customized artwork, and children’s art birthday parties would be offered at Kalen’s Place! Providing children the chance to discover the many facets of art in a warm and welcoming environment is essential to what I do as an artist, a designer, and a teacher.